We have deep expertise in people centred and local by default services.

This enables you to put the human being at the heart of the design of work, which will not only create a better experience for each human being, and a great work environment, but money will be saved and capacity released.

People Centred Services.

The Vanguard Method in people centred services such as social care is the biggest opportunity to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, to improve people’s lives.

Lots of organisation are training people in how to hold better conversations and being people centric, which is fine, but what they are failing to do – without applying the Vanguard Method – is to then redesign a system that allows workers to do this freely and respond creatively.

We understand how to design public services that actually work.  As a result costs fall dramatically.  But that’s not all.  The wider consequence of providing services that work is that demand falls.  Not only do you wipe out the strangling effect of high failure demand, you learn that fewer people experience problems.

Happier people, better families, strengthened communities.  Isn’t that what public services ought to be about?

This isn’t theory.  Better people centred services are being designed in Greater Manchester, London, and Portsmouth in the UK, and in Denmark and Sweden.

See below how the improvements achieved through the application of the Vanguard Method help people live better lives.

Health and Care

Busting targets and myths by understanding what is really happening and why

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Transform the way that the higher education system delivers service to students

Emergency Services

Increasing capacity and responsiveness to incidents and their causes

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Saving money by doing the right thing

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Improving performance by doing the right thing for people and their properties

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Third Sector

Understanding, and doing, what really matters to people

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