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Who we are and what we do.

We work with progressive leaders who have become disillusioned by the inability of traditional methods of change, promulgated by Big Consulting firms, to create any significant sustainable improvements.

We work in an unconventional way.  We reject ‘sending in the suits’, and change by tools, training, and projects; common consulting practices which fail to achieve sustainable change.  Instead, we work alongside an organisation, providing a unique perspective and method, such that it’s capable of doing better things on its own.

For our private sector clients, this results in increased sales, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and reduced costs.  For our public and third sector clients it creates a better experience for each human being,  a great work environment,  large financial savings and releases capacity.

Profound improvements are achieved without the risks associated with traditional change programs or expensive investment in technology. Sustainable change happens in months, not years.

Lloyds Bank embarked on a digital transformation but found the Big-Consultant-led methodology drove high levels of failure demand in to its service centres. The Vanguard Method rescued Lloyds from what was becoming a disaster.

Patrick Eltridge, CIO Royal Bank of Scotland, advocates the Vanguard Method as the way for understanding and improving work. Patrick describes it as an important evolution to improving customer value, and how it can teach us all a lot about how our organisations work today and how that current approach is often unhelpful.

Fiona Chamberlain, CEO of the County Court of Victoria, demonstrates the amazing results that have been achieved through understanding value and putting court users at the centre of the County Court. This work has allowed the court to remove massive amounts of failure demand, energise staff, improve service and save money for not only the County Court but the broader legal community.

The Vanguard Method has been used as a means for supporting Powys residents in lots of different ways. Happier people, better families, strengthened communities. Isn’t that what public services ought to be about?

Using the Vanguard Method to transform their organisation, IOOF have achieved results beyond anything that conventionally might have been thought achievable in any usual plan. They call the process completely transformational, both personally for individuals and for the organisation.

Innovating better solutions to customer and organisational problems

Every service has a unique context, creating specific opportunities and challenges.

We have deep expertise in many different private sector industries and people centred services, which allows us to provide you with a completely different lens to your service, making visible to you the previously unseen opportunities for change and improvement.

The current narrative is that change takes time and involves large, expensive programmes of work, and expensive investment in technology.  However, once understood, you will see that the issues are not complicated, the solutions are straightforward, and the resulting improvements will amaze you.

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