Hear from progressive leaders describing results far beyond anything that might have been thought achievable in any usual plan.

Qoute While this method isn’t industry standard yet, I truly believe that more and more organisations will go that way.  I don’t think there is anything out there that is comparable and can solve the problems that all organisations have nowadays.

Katharina Haase, Chief Operating Officer, Barclaycard

Qoute We applied the Vanguard Method at Telstra.  It is a fundamental way of examining the entire organisation, not just the IT component.  It is a method to really understand what matters to the customer, to understand the dysfunction of current methods, measures and metrics, to get people who do the work, to experiment locally to design new ways of working.  It is incredibly profound

Patrick Eltridge, Chief Information Officer, Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Qoute There were lots of examples where we created rules to do, for the right reasons, that had entirely the wrong outcomes and cost us money. Through applying the Vanguard Method we saved millions of pounds on indemnity spend.

Richard Hiscocks, Director, Casualty Claims, Aviva UK

Qoute Vanguard caused us to stop and think, helped us challenge assumptions and bring about a profound change to service delivery, building solutions around customers and opened our eyes to the potential transformational work across authorities and other sectors.

Chief Executive, Exeter City Council

Qoute The Vanguard concept is appropriate for all levels of any organisation, the methodology is easy to relate to and apply.  The concept behind examining a process from end to end is important, and working with Vanguard provides the ability to gain a full understanding of this concept and why it makes such an impact.  Coupled with the idea behind applying measures to support and justify the steps of the process, I find the Vanguard concept very logical.

Tracy Corbett – Massey University – Project Management Office

Qoute Understanding more about your customers’ journey raises great questions and creates dialogue based wholly on how to best serve them along with the opportunity to explore what is needed to support this.  It’s a real eye opener and helps you to understand how your customers interact with you and the reasons why they do.

Marianne Aitken, Quality Systems Manager, Marlborough District Council

Qoute Working with the Vanguard Method, we were able to develop clarity around what our purpose is, from New Zealand’s point of view.  This perspective enabled us to identify how we could best help our researchers to develop research that is relevant and valued by end users and public funders.  Once we were clear on our purpose and what matters to these key groups, we were able to develop measures to monitor our effectiveness.  This work enabled us to increase value services and reduce those that were not contributing to what people valued.

Dr Jo Innes Cluster Leader, Research Development Research & Enterprise, Massey University

Qoute The time to settle insurance claims reduced from an average of 84 days to 6 days.

Senior Executive Financial Services Client

Qoute Despite the austerity measures, leaders in local government have a staggering opportunity to release capacity and improve people’s lives

Chief Executive, Bromsgrove and Redditch Councils

Qoute This new way of thinking has created a service which is as different for my patients as night is from day. They are delighted and so am I.

Dr Rosie Benneyworth, GP and Lead for Urgent Care and Cancer Commissioning, Somerset CCG

Qoute Our NPS increased to over 90%, we reduced operating costs by 30%, and saved over £100 million. We also increased sales by 20%.

Senior Executive, Financial Services Client

Qoute We gained 80% capacity in our Contact Centre. We eliminated our IVR as our customers were able to get to what they wanted there and then. All calls were repatriated from India and we still saved money.

Senior Executive Financial Services Client

Qoute We now understand before we access, build relationships rather than transact, take responsibility instead of referring on, and take time to understand what someone needs to live a good life instead of prescribing standard packages of activity.

Julie Boothroyd, Head of Adult Services, Monmouthshire County Council

Qoute We are transforming our social care system thanks to the Vanguard Method. We are working with families to understand what really matters to them. As a result, we have halved the number of children needing to go into care.

Erik Gemitsen, Chief Executive of the Bureau for Youth Care, Greater Amsterdam area

Qoute The results are profound. Citizens previously labelled as lost are starting to live good lives, demand on services is going down and the size of opportunity to reduce costs is staggering.

John van de Laarschot, Chief Executive, Stoke-on-Trent City Council


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