We have deep expertise in many different private sector industry sectors, which allows us to provide you with a completely different lens to your organisation, making visible to you the previously unseen opportunities for change and improvement.

No one can equal Vanguards’ expertise or track record, and no one else has Vanguard’s methods.

Private Sector Businesses.

The Vanguard Method in the private sector leads to redesigning customer shaped services, enabling better ways for attracting, acquiring, growing and retaining customers today and tomorrow. Customer centricity is reconceived and operationalised. Continual innovation is designed in. Private sector clients have achieved improvements in customer satisfaction, it’s been better for the people that serve customers and the shareholders have seen the benefits of improved profits.

We have learnt that the following issues are challenging today’s organisations:

Sales not increasing fast enough
Our clients have increased sales, at less cost.

Losing customers to competitors
Our clients see significant improvement in attracting and retaining customers through understanding and delivering what matters to them.

Transformation initiatives not transforming the organisational culture
Instead of having a transformation initiative ending up as lip service and wallpaper, our clients change their culture within months, and sustain it.

Investment in IT and Digital change costs a fortune and fails to deliver
Our clients have reduced their IT and Digital spend, and at the same time, improved service, efficiency, revenue, and morale.

Costs are too high
Our clients achieve cost reduction by equipping managers to see the ‘hidden’ causes of costs.

Contact centre costs rising
Our clients are reducing theirs, and at the same time have increased capacity, and improved their customer satisfaction to extraordinary levels.

Backlogs of work in operations
Our clients have gone from ever increasing backlogs of work to no backlogs at all, and can process incoming work the same day.

Complaints are increasing and are they taking too long to resolve
Our clients no longer ‘fire-fight’ complaints, instead they understand the causes of complaints, therefore eliminating the majority before they even occur.

See below how the improvements achieved through the application of the Vanguard Method in sales revenue, reductions in failure demand and elimination of wasteful activity can all be realised without the risks associated with traditional change programs.

Financial Services

Changing the economics of Financial Services through better service to customers

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Contact Centres

Optimising customer satisfaction and resources by removing failure demand

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Dramatically improving customer experience network resilience and financial performance

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IT and Digital

Without fail achieve a massive return through supporting services better, faster and cheaper

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Reducing churn through understanding its causes and designing consumer centric services

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