The Vanguard Method for People Centred Services course

Take the enormous opportunity to improve people’s lives and significantly reduce costs

This six month action learning programme teaches the practical steps you need to take to improve people centred services and dramatically reduce costs.

The Vanguard Method for People Centred Services

People centred services, such as health, social care and those supporting vulnerable or troubled families, consume a large proportion of public sector funds. They are also vital safety nets for people whose lives fall off the rails. However, our studies show that these services are often plagued by inefficiency and ineffectiveness, at great financial and human cost. Methods designed to solve this problem include pooled budgets, demand management, integrated services and early intervention. They all have the aim of increasing efficiency and improving outcomes for local people. However, their impact is often reported as limited.

Join us and learn a different way of tackling the same issues, with outstanding results. Become a student of the Vanguard Method and an expert in your own organisation. Students will study and understand the ‘what and why’ of their current system – how it works from the citizen perspective and why it works the way it does. You will learn the skills and tactics of an interventionist – how to work with disparate groups and conflicting interests in order to achieve a successful outcome.

At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Practitioner Certificate of Competence in the Vanguard Method. There will be opportunities to further advance your knowledge and application of the Vanguard Method after completing the course.

The Vanguard Method for People Centred Services

Supported by an expert from Vanguard Consulting, you will spend a minimum of 25% of your working day studying your system.  You will attend five formal teaching sessions in a classroom and at student sites across Australia or New Zealand over the course of six months.  The twelve days will be taught by an expert from Vanguard Consulting.  It will take place in students’ organisations, enabling practical hands-on learning.


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