Progressive Leaders Summit Melbourne

Over 100 leaders joined us at our exclusive one day event to hear progressive business leaders describe how their organisations have reduced cost by millions AND increased customer satisfaction.

In 2017, we launched the Progressive Leaders’ Summit 2017 as the only world-class event in Australia dedicated to providing progressive leaders in service organisations with an exclusive platform to connect with Australian and international peers. You can watch the keynotes below.


Creating sustainable value for customers: A significant advantage

Renato Mota, Group General Manager – Wealth Management

In his keynote, Renato explains how IOOF’s ‘Client first’ strategy is tackling the challenge of defining and delivering value to clients from its very core – in a way that rewards both the client and the adviser.

Renato shows how IOOF have gone beyond NPS, eNPS and the normal transformation methods, and how in doing so they have achieved results beyond anything that conventionally might have been thought achievable in any usual plan. He calls the process completely transformational, both personally for individuals and for the organisation.

Delivering the right IT faster: Beyond Agile

Robert Butera, Head of Client First Technology, IOOF, shares lessons learned from building a development group obsessed with delivering what really matters to customers, at less cost – going way beyond things like ‘Agile’ which only try to revolutionise speed.

His keynote demonstrates how a switch in organisational mindset and decision making can shorten the delivery cycle; producing predictability around IT changes that deliver measurable value and boosts organisational efficiency – all while ensuring the customer remains the number one priority.

The hardest thing to build into any digital service is common sense: Beyond Digital Transformation

Providing digital services is preoccupying organisations across the world; the promise is uncertain while the budgets are substantial. Even McKinsey admits there is little evidence of success so far.

In this keynote, David Joyce illustrates the vital contribution that understanding customer demand makes to designing digital services and, just as important, how to avoid digitising services that shouldn’t be digitised, thus avoiding creating failure demand and frustrating customers.

Justin Watts then describes how Lloyds Banking group are now using the Vanguard Method upfront before they go anywhere near designing digital services, what they learned through understanding what matters to their customers, and how a new perspective has led to unparalleled service at less cost.

Doing more with less

Fiona Chamberlain, CEO of the County Court of Victoria, has been exploring what “more for less” means in the complex world of a court system and how the County Court defined what court users value from that service.

In her keynote, Fiona demonstrates the amazing results that have been achieved through understanding value and putting court users at the centre of the County Court. This work has allowed the court to remove massive amounts of failure demand, energise staff, improve service and save money for not only the County Court but the broader legal community. Additionally, this work has also contributed to the “Court Directions” document which details the overall strategy for the County Court of Victoria.

Failure Demand and other public sector diseases

In his keynote, Tim explores if the Public-Sector in Australia is following the UK’s lead of systemically sub-optimising public sector performance, massively driving up costs and demoralising front line staff. He also discusses how “failure demand” is the biggest contributor to the rise in the demand for health services in the UK.

Tim illustrates why the current design of health and social care systems world-wide guarantees that integrated care and early intervention strategies are designed to fail our most vulnerable citizens. Using examples, Tim also shows where real integration can have a profound effect on people’s lives while significantly reducing costs.

How budget protection worsens service

In this final keynote presentation, Sarah Benjamin follows on from the themes introduced earlier and gives further context of Vanguard’s work in People Centred Services and locality working.

Sarah highlights what is learnt systemically when different organisations work together to study their system, uncovering the key drivers of escalating costs, failure demand and the causes of poor outcomes. She illustrates how budget management is at the heart of sub-optimal performance and gives examples of how services have been re-designed to be far more effective: much better service at much lower costs. Leading to significantly better outcomes, happier staff, happier, healthier citizens and strengthened communities.

How to save money AND increase customer satisfaction.

Conventional thinkers argue that you cannot save money and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Pioneers in service organisations have proven this to be a fallacy.

Using the Vanguard Method, these pioneers have understood why they are failing customers – despite the best efforts, commitment, and skills of people within their organisation – and how to fix it.

The principles these pioneers have employed to design far more effective services; and to top it all off, they saw how improving effectiveness drives up customer satisfaction and at the same time drives down costs – and not by a little, but by a lot.

Each pioneer started in the same place – studying their services from a different point of view; you will hear how studying reveals counter-intuitive truths that fundamentally challenges thinking. This leads to astonishing results; with each pioneering leader acknowledging that results were far beyond anything that conventionally might have been thought achievable in any usual plan.

This is a well-trodden path that you will be able to follow; no need for faith or hope, no worries about whether it could work for you, only confidence that if you do as these pioneers have done you will achieve similarly remarkable results.

About the Vanguard Method.

To obtain differentiated results, progressive leaders are turning to the Vanguard Method which has received numerous academic awards for contribution to management science and were the first winner of the Harvard Business Review / McKinsey Management Innovation Prize for ‘Reinventing Leadership’.

We work in an unconventional way. We reject report-writing, ‘sending in the suits’, and change by tools, training, and projects; common consulting practices which fail to achieve sustainable change. Instead, we work alongside people in an organisation, providing a unique perspective and method, which results in sustainable improvement in both the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

We are currently active and working with progressive leaders in nine countries, and have now arrived in Australia.


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