Sydney 2018

Join us at our exclusive half day event in Sydney to hear progressive digital leaders describe how great service actually costs less. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true.


Learn how great service actually costs less

The current ‘wisdom’ promulgated by consultants is that to give great service to everyone costs more; you can’t possibly give everyone great service.

As a result of this misguided thinking, managers end up having to make compromises, for example, creating VIP customers who get a better service, giving select customers an account manager, digitising all transactions and hiding the phone number. These ideas are understandable given the current ‘advice’.

The counterintuitive thing you learn through applying the Vanguard Method is that actually, it costs you less to run your operation if you give great service.

The Vanguard Method is designed to equip managers to see the ‘hidden’ causes of costs, and reveal the truth about what customers experience. It is also designed to help managers solve the three major issues that research has revealed are the causes of digital transformation failure:

1. The operation must change  (breakdown functional and departmental silos)

2. The culture must change (the way in which people interact, collaborate, and behave)

3. The way we think about leadership must change (overcoming resistance and inertia)

Pioneering digital leaders in service organisations have solved these three issues and are now running their operation at less cost and all customers love the service.  As one executive put it “We’ve halved the cost and customers have got twice the value”. They’ve proven the current ‘wisdom’ to be a fallacy. 

We are launching a new summit in 2018, as the only world-class event in Australia dedicated to providing progressive digital leaders in service organisations with an exclusive platform to connect with Australian and international pioneers, to hear how great service actually costs less.

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