Vanguard has deep expertise in many different industry sectors and people centred services, which allows us to provide you with a completely different lens to your organisation, making visible to you the previously unseen opportunities for change and improvement.

No one can equal Vanguards’ expertise or track record, and no one else has Vanguard’s methods.

Private Sector Businesses

The Vanguard Method in the private sector leads to redesigning customer shaped services, enabling better ways for attracting, acquiring, growing and retaining customers today and tomorrow. Customer centricity is reconceived and operationalised. Continual innovation is designed in. Private sector clients have achieved improvements in customer satisfaction, it’s been better for the people that serve customers and the shareholders have seen the benefits of improved profits.

Financial Services

Changing the economics of Financial Services through better service to customers

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Contact Centres

Optimising customer satisfaction and resources by removing failure demand

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Dramatically improving customer experience network resilience and financial performance

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IT and Digital

Without fail achieve a massive return through supporting services better, faster and cheaper

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Reducing churn through understanding its causes and designing consumer centric services

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People Centred Services

The Vanguard Method in people centred services is the biggest opportunity to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, to improve people’s lives. We understand how to design public services that actually work. As a result costs fall dramatically. But that’s not all. The wider consequence of providing services that work is that demand falls. Not only do you wipe out the strangling effect of high failure demand, you learn that fewer people experience problems. Happier people, better families, strengthened communities. Isn’t that what public services ought to be about?

Emergency Services

Increasing capacity and responsiveness to incidents and their causes

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Transform the way that the higher education system delivers service to students

Health and Care

Busting targets and myths by understanding what is really happening and why

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Saving money by doing the right thing

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Improving performance by doing the right thing for people and their properties

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Third Sector

Understanding, and doing, what really matters to people

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