Want to unlock profound improvement in your organisation?

The starting point for real change is finding out what matters to your customers, then building a common and shared understanding of how, and how well, your organisation delivers what matters to customers today, and why it is that way.

The Vanguard Method is unusual, in that it helps people study their organisations as a prelude to improvement. Seeing an organisation, as a customer sees it, shifts their starting-place from thinking they know what their problems are, to one where people discover they have quite different problems to solve from a customers’ perspective. As a consequence, it enables managers to make informed, empirical, decisions on what and where to take action for the greatest betterment for customers. Where to invest and innovate becomes illuminated.

So, how do you get started?

Tailor Made Scoping for Improvement

Unlike the conventional 'we come in and assess you' approach, the fastest route for you to see the scope for improvement is for us to work with you on a design specifically for your operation. We don't just write you a report and walk away. Instead our approach enables you to apply a completely different lens to your organisation, making visible to you previously unseen opportunities for change and improvement, resulting in a collaboratively constructed route map for the transformation of your organisation.

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Alternatively we have developed a range of workshops to give you a bite sized taste of what the Vanguard Method is, and what it would mean for you, your organisation, and your people. Through case studies and discussion you’ll explore the Vanguard Method's frameworks and principles for a variety of different organisations.

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The Vanguard Method for People Centred Services course

An action learning programme that teaches the practical steps you need to take to improve people centred services and dramatically reduce costs. Supported by an expert, you will spend a minimum of 25% of your working day studying your own system. In addition you will attend formal teaching sessions over the course of six months, which will take place in students’ own organisations, enabling practical hands-on learning.

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Either of these routes will shift your starting-place from thinking you know what the problems are, to one where you'll discover you have quite different problems to solve from a customers’ perspective.

Most importantly, you will be able to answer the question; what can I go and do differently on Monday morning?

The Vanguard Method addresses problems to solve through a process of informed choices that culminate in decisions about how customers will experience the service, how roles should be developed to deliver and support that service and the measures required to ensure everything is working well from the customer’s point of view.


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