An Introduction to the Vanguard Method

Seeing and experiencing your organisation as your customers do

Unlocking performance in service organisations.
Improve Service
Reduce Costs
Boost Morale

Vanguard has deep expertise in many different industry sectors and people centred services, which allows us to provide you with a completely different lens to your organisation, making visible to you the previously unseen opportunities for change and improvement.

Vanguard are the experts in strategy in a customer services system. No one can equal Vanguards’ expertise or track record, and no one else has Vanguard’s methods.


The Vanguard Method, created by Leading Management Thinker and Occupational Psychologist, Professor John Seddon is now being recognised as the principal method for improvement in service organisations.  Producing fast, effective, tangible and sustainable results.

Applied in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Sweden and South Africa, the Vanguard Method has produced remarkable improvements in a wide range of service organisations, from telecommunications, utilities and financial services organisations to health & care, council services, emergency services and public housing providers.

People Centred Services

The Vanguard Method in people centred services is the biggest opportunity to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, to improve people’s lives. We understand how to design public services that actually work. As a result costs fall dramatically. But that’s not all. The wider consequence of providing services that work is that demand falls. Not only do you wipe out the strangling effect of high failure demand, you learn that fewer people experience problems. Happier people, better families, strengthened communities. Isn’t that what public services ought to be about?

Emergency Services

Increasing capacity and responsiveness to incidents and their causes


Transform the way that the higher education system delivers service to students

Health and Care

Busting targets and myths by understanding what is really happening and why


Saving money by doing the right thing


Improving performance by doing the right thing for people and their properties

Third Sector

Understanding, and doing, what really matters to people

Introductory Workshop

The improvements achieved through the application of the Vanguard Method in the reductions in failure demand and elimination of wasteful activity, can all be realised without the risks associated with traditional change programs.

The ‘big bets’ so often requested of senior managers can be designed out and in their place small investments based on knowledge and data designed in. Small controlled changes resulting in big effects with minimal risk for all – what’s not to like?

Gaining the knowledge required to take these small actions is a process of learning that you take at your own pace and, when you are ready to act, you will be able to predict the outcomes of the redesigned processes.

Originally run in the UK exclusively, this popular workshop is now available in Australia and New Zealand. Discover the power of the Vanguard Method and explore how it could work for your organisation.


Public sector senior managers who need to deliver outstanding service while reducing costs and improving morale through a method for sustainable change.

To tailor the exploration of the Vanguard Method to your specific circumstances, these courses are run for small numbers of senior managers at a time.


If you are a senior manager in a service organisation, much of the one day introduction will probably challenge your current view of how things work in your sector and may, at first sight, seem counterintuitive. However, once understood you will see that the issues are not complicated, the solutions are straightforward and the resulting improvements to the bottom line and customer satisfaction will amaze you.


This ‘taster’ one day workshop is designed as a great place to start if you’re curious about the Vanguard Method. Through case studies and discussion you’ll explore the frameworks and principles for seeing your organisation as a customer sees it, in doing so it will shift your starting-place from thinking you know what the problems are, to one where you’ll discover you have quite different problems to solve from a customers’ perspective.

Fresh Thinking

To achieve profound change in months, not years, the Vanguard Method helps organisations take a profound shift in the design and management of work. It reverses current norms and places the development of workers, individually and collectively, at its heart. It helps organisations get better at what they do, through their people being able to learn.

Delivered by an expert Vanguard Consultant, this one-day workshop will help you to understand:

  • Why traditional management approaches make things worse
  • Why targets, inspections and specifications impair performance
  • The importance of good measures
  • How to approach re-designing your organisation.

Practical Application

During the workshop you’ll have the opportunity to study the Vanguard Method principles as they might apply to your organisation and receive information about how to start implementation.

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